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- Holy Prophet Muhammad
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2015_winter_cover.pngNew Issue: Winter 2015

Marriage: Foundation of Domestic Life

Marriage is the foundation of each family unit in any society. It establishes the beginning of a new generation of human beings. All societies have a well-defined system of rules and regulations in regards to the marriage contract and the ceremonies attached to it.


In this issue we have presented articles on various issues pertaining to the marriage. Hopefully it would give guidance and advice to everyone and will be a tool in making changes in our society to make it a better, stronger and exemplary society.     

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Winter 2015 Leaders

2013_fall_leaders_1.png Friday Sermon
 By Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, May 15, 2009

 "If one cannot be fair to all his wives then one should not marry a second wife. If one has no choice but to marry a second wife then one has to take care of the first wife more than before unlike the instances that one hears of where the rights of the first wife are slowly eroded in flagrant disobedience of God's commandments. Indeed one has to be very wary that there is no unfairness in the financial and other rights of the first wife because any such injustice has been likened by the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) to a trial."
By Shazia Sohail
"Islam takes the view that sexual urges are natural but are sought to be regulated, not killed. They are also necessary for creating family units and perpetuation of the human race. Monasticism, or complete celibacy, is viewed as criticism of God's creation. However, living a chaste life is a potent means to attain the purpose of ones creation i.e moral and spiritual progress." 
Interfaith Marriages
By Zia H Shah, MD
"Just as in other religions, interfaith marriages are generally not encouraged in Islam and for good reasons, as it creates several social, religious, and spiritual difficulties for the spouses and their children. This becomes especially evident when we keep in mind the three Qur'anic verses, which are recited at the time of every marriage ceremony.”
Special Items

Video "Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad's visit to Dutch Parliament"      

October 6, 2015


The Right Spouse and the Rights of the Spouse: Ways to a Successful Marriage
By Humera Malik
"One cannot deny that in any teamwork situation a leader is needed. In order for a marriage to succeed, the family unit needs to work as a team, and hence, a leader is needed. With regard to this, Islam has designated the husband as the leader of the household. Read the complete article in the Winter issue.

Links to Attacks against Ahmadi Muslims
lahoreattack.jpgLinks to Attacks against Ahmadi Muslims
The Muslim Sunrise Team has categorized various internet links related to the May 28, 2010 terrorist attacks on Ahmadi Mosques in Lahore, Pakistan, as well as other acts of violence against Ahmadi Muslims.
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