In the latter days, the sun shall rise from the West.
- Holy Prophet Muhammad
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2014_summer_cover.pngNew Issue: Summer 2014


Throughout human history, God has shown true dreams, sent revelations and provided new knowledge to people of all nations. Just because God reveal some words to a human being, it does not make him superior to others. God has honored common people with revelation and without regard to ethnicity, race, color, creed or gender. The Holy Qur'an even mentions about His revelation to the honey bee. 

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"Introduction to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community." By Falahud Din Shams. Read more

"The Radicalization of Muslims: A White Paper" By Arif Humayun.  Read more

Summer  2014 Leaders

2013_fall_leaders_1.pngJumu'ah Sermon
By Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, May 23, 2014

"The perfection of steadfastness is that when one is encircled by calamities and life and honor and good name are all in peril in the cause of Allah, and no means of comfort are available, so much so, that even visions and dreams and revelation are suspended by God as a trial, and one is left helpless among terrible dangers, at such a time one should not lose heart nor retreat like a coward nor let one’s faithfulness be put in doubt in the least."
What is Revelation?
Excerpts from the Writings of Promised Messiagh (AH)     
"As God bestowed upon the body provision for the satisfaction of its needs, in the same way, He bestowed upon soul provision for the satisfaction of its needs so that the physical and the spiritual systems should be in accord.." 

Concept of Revelation in Major World Religions
By Mubasher Ahmad, M.A., LL.B.
"The earliest Vedas were composed between 1,500 B.C.E to 1,000 B.C.E. It is claimed that the Rishis received direct revelations and they verbally transmitted them among others. The Vedas were originally not written down as they were “heard” by those ancient Rishis. It was later, when Sanskrit language was developed that the Vedas became written scriptures.”
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Video "Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad's Address"      

The Conference of World Religions, Feb 11, 2014 in Guildhall, London.


The New Testament: Word of God or Man?
By Andleeb Shams Ahmed
"Each religion today relies on its holy book, whether it is the Torah for Judaism, the Holy Qur’an for Islam, or the Bible for Christianity. These books, which supposedly carry the words of God, are crucial and dire for any believing person. The New Testament carries the most burdens for Christians, in laying out what God and Jesus had intended for the people, but are these words truly the words of God?" Read the complete article in the Summer issue.

Links to Attacks against Ahmadi Muslims
lahoreattack.jpgLinks to Attacks against Ahmadi Muslims
The Muslim Sunrise Team has categorized various internet links related to the May 28, 2010 terrorist attacks on Ahmadi Mosques in Lahore, Pakistan, as well as other acts of violence against Ahmadi Muslims.
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