In the latter days, the sun shall rise from the West.
- Holy Prophet Muhammad
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2016_fall_cover.pngNew Issue: Fall 2016

Loving Your Neighbor

Loving your Neighbor is a central virtue common among all faith traditions of the world. But the question: ‘Who is my neighbor?’ has many diverse answers. Usually a neighbor is seen as the one who lives next door; but these days being a member of the global human family, he or she could be living anywhere in the world, and still considered a neighbor. With the passage of time, as the social environment in various parts of the world is constantly changing, the concept of loving your neighbor is re-adjusted frequently.


Keeping in view the changing concepts of ‘neighbor’, we are also presenting articles and discussions concerning the difficult proposition of how to love our neighbor – what are the main hurdles in the way, and how to overcome them!

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Fall  2016 Leaders

2013_fall_leaders_1.png Mosques are Built to Serve the Neighbors
 Keynote Address at the Opening of Ahmadiyya Mosque in Leicester, UK
 By Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Feb 20th, 2016

 "I am confident that every Ahmadi Muslim who comes to worship here will not only seek to fulfill the rights owed to Allah the Almighty but will also seek to fulfill the rights owed to the neighbors of this Mosque and indeed the wider community. Thus, there is no need to fear this Mosque because only sentiments of love and compassion towards our neighbors will reverberate and echo in every direction from here."
Brotherly Love Between the Helpers of Medina and the Immigrants from Mecca
By Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
"Ansar offered to share their orchards with their Emigrant brothers, but as the latter were not trained in gardening or agriculture, Ansar were content to carry on with their gardening and horticulture, etc., but shared the produce equally with their Emigrant brethren. This system continued till gradually Emigrants built up their trade and businesses and acquired properties of their own, so that they could dispense with the help of Ansar." 
Neighboring Muslim Countries: Can They Live in Peace?
By Mobashir Ahmed
"When the aggressive nation is defeated and agrees to mutual negotiation, then all parties should work towards an agreement that leads to long-standing peace and reconciliation. Harsh and unjust conditions should not be enforced that leads to the hands of any nation being tied, because in the long-term that will lead to restlessness, which will ferment and spread.”
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Calgary Peace Symposium

Nov 11, 2016 


Jewish Perspective on the Rights of Neighbors
By Dr. Zia H Shah
"Love and kindness have been a part of Judaism from the very beginning. When Jesus said, ‘love thy neighbor as thyself,’ he was merely quoting Torah, and he was quoting the book that is most commonly dismissed as a source of harsh laws"

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Links to Attacks against Ahmadi Muslims
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The Muslim Sunrise Team has categorized various internet links related to the May 28, 2010 terrorist attacks on Ahmadi Mosques in Lahore, Pakistan, as well as other acts of violence against Ahmadi Muslims.
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